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Introduction / Pamela Golden

The Word has been developed from images found during my research into the rise of mental and spiritual health as a lifestyle choice. In The Word, I examine how weather forecasts in the 1960s were linked to bodily functions and mood swings. In these so-called bio-weather forecasts, low pressure and thunderstorm disturbances increased internal bodily unrest and nervousness.

Meditating on the fact that social interaction is dependent upon the barriers and boundaries constructed according to our insecurities and systems of mental and physical control, the paintings presented in The Word illustrate the complex interconnections between personal well-being, spiritual growth and social life. (intro v1)


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A boxed set of three books entitled The Word: Body, The Word: Mind, and The Word, Spirit accompanies the film and paintings.

(Intro v2) Drawing together research into the rise of mental and spiritual health alongside weather forecasts from the 1960s. This data generated in association with the Met. Office unfolds as a visual essay constructed of found imagery connecting bodily functions, mood swings and the body politic of the period. This informed  this series of paintings, a publication and a film.